Queenslander Extension
Stratford, QLD
Possum Residence
Trinity Beach, QLD
Mason Residence
Stratford, QLD
Upolo House
Clifton Beach, QLD
Daphne Residence
Redlynch, QLD
Upolo House
Clifton Beach, QLD

Cairns based
Architecture firm

We're an approachable firm, designing beautiful & functional spaces that reflect our clients' desires and respond favourably to our tropical climate.

The climatic conditions of the region create both challenges and opportunities for innovation and living. The structures we design provide shelter from the elements while allowing the buildings to ‘breathe’. We are particularly interested in outside living, carefully focusing on cross ventilation, orientation, and low thermal mass.

We pride ourselves on listening closely to our clients and responding to their needs. We’ve built a reputation for successfully fostering a cooperative spirit between the client and their contractor.

NEA has successfully collaborated with communities, government agencies, and individuals, guiding them to achieve outstanding buildings.

We love creating beautiful & functional spaces that respond to our tropical climate.

We provide a full range of services, from architecture to project management and master planning. We’re here to help bring your unique vision to life with inspired designs suited to our tropical climate, 3D modelling, and helpful direction.