Daphne Residence

The Daphne Residence works with the natural slope of the site, operating over three separate levels, each connecting with the ground in a different manner. Each level houses a different function, from social to sleeping to utility, while maintaining an immediacy suitable for living.

The lineal form is staggered, providing an interplay of light and shade that shifts through the day. Despite the weather conditions, there is always both an external and internal space for refuge and prospect.

The home’s detailing allows for fluid movement between the inside and out; thresholds have been blurred; external decks and terraces offer comfort in living. There’s a natural attraction to occupy the edge, swing your feet off the deck, or sit on the shaded vegetable garden wall sharing a conversation about the day.

Daphne Residence is honest, unassuming, a place you want to be. It’s home.