About us

Cairns based
Architecture firm

We're an approachable firm, designing beautiful & functional spaces that reflect our clients' desires and respond favourably to our tropical climate.

The climatic conditions of the region create both challenges and opportunities for innovation and living. The structures we design provide shelter from the elements while allowing the buildings to ‘breathe’. We are particularly interested in outside living, carefully focusing on cross ventilation, orientation, and low thermal mass. 

We pride ourselves on listening closely to our clients and responding to their needs. We’ve built a reputation for successfully fostering a cooperative spirit between the client and their contractor. 

NEA has successfully collaborated with communities, government agencies, and individuals, guiding them to achieve outstanding buildings.

Nicole Ewing

Director / Architect

Nicole is a registered architect with significant experience in tropical & regional centres.

Her on the ground knowledge of climatically appropriate design for Far North Queensland, including suitable construction typologies and their resultant building maintenance systems, is invaluable. Nicole’s approach is efficient and stays true to the project’s design integrity.  Always seeking to ensure the result meets or exceeds client expectations.

Ecologically, Nicole believes ‘green’ architecture is integral to great design. Her body of work is shaped by the surrounding environment, whether it be the natural or the built form.

Nicole plays an active role in the local architectural representative body. She has participated as a Juror for the RAIA Awards scheme and held the position of Secretary for the FNQ Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects for four years.

She also actively participates in community sport in both Women’s AFL and Netball. She is invested in her region and sees the great value of building a community with public spaces and infrastructure.

Melanie Jackson

Senior Revit Technician

Melanie is a highly proficient draftsperson with a thorough knowledge of architectural technical documentation. She has over 15 years of experience as an Architectural Technician in the design and construction industry.

Melanie has a very practical and astute understanding of how to communicate through documentation and is highly experienced in the use of Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD. Her skills extend to ‘family creation’ and template refinement, streamlining the documentation phase, which in turn brings a greater level of ‘quality management’ to the NEA office.



Organiser of Small Things

Carter is NEA’s Cadet Project Manager. He loves participating in site visits, is a skilled negotiator, and has a keen eye for design. If there’s WH&S gear to be worn, he’s onto it. If there are diggers and loaders to be found, he’s also onto that.