Post War Queenslander Renovation

The existing residence had undergone a number of alterations over the past 50 years. The internal renovation by NEA aimed to resolve some of the less functional outcomes of these alterations. The main focus was on the rear of the house, amalgamating the tiny existing kitchen with the generous circulation space at the top of the internal stairs.

In the existing fabric, walls were removed and doorways reconsidered, to allow the spaces to flow more freely. Stackable doors were installed to provide a link to the external deck, and allow light into the centre of the house.

A new kitchen was designed into the space, with a very modern and understated palette. This was critical, to blend the new cabinetry into the existing fabric of the house. In the detailing, the integration of the new was managed by retaining the timber ‘VJ’ boards, providing flush trims and wrapping the ‘VJ’ into bulkheads, highlighting the profile of the material. In addition, simple elegant shadow lines delineated the change between new and old finishes.

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