Mason Queenslander Extension

The renovation of the queenslander in Stratford serves 2 purposes: to provide a larger external living area; and to articulate a connection between the rear verandah and the backyard uses, specifically the swimming pool and the ‘shed’.

By stepping the deck extension down toward the pool, sight lines to and from the spaces below are achieved. The change in level also strengthens the relationship between the pool and deck. Circulation is kept under cover, critical in the Cairns wet season. The stairs connect the levels while the covered walkway unobtrusively links the revamped shed, creating a garden courtyard space between the structures.

Materials and the scale of the structures have been thoughtfully selected to blend in with the existing queenslander, without mimicking the original fabric. The ‘shed’ has been transformed into a guest quarters, with a poolside entertaining area.  The memory of the old shed has been preserved by retaining and restoring the single skin walls, framing and timber barn door. The new works, adjacent to these walls, seal the structure and have new openings puncturing the walls to allow light and ventilation through the space.

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