Upolo Beach House

The Upolu Beach House is a 4+ bedroom, 2 bathroom, holiday lettable home, situated on a tight 600sqm corner block. It embraces its natural surroundings while managing the suburban constraints of neighbouring developments.

On entering the building, you are immediately greeted by an outdoor garden space. The spacious and airy hallway then directs you to either the public or private zones of the house. Turning toward the public zone, the interior living opens up to a deck, pool and garden beyond. Mature melaleuca trees appear as a sculptural addition to the architecture, providing a dialogue between the built and natural forms while providing dappled light to the interior.

In the private zone, the bedrooms maintain their connection with the exterior, having physical and visual access to the outside courtyards, made possible by wall to wall glazing.  The profile of the rooms has been articulated externally with fin walls extending into the garden, to claim that space as the bedroom’s own.  Additionally, the external cladding is continued inside the rooms.

The beach House is a thoughtful design response to the brief and most notably, the site.  Despite the very tight constraints of the lot, the house feels open and spacious.