NEArchitecture is a Cairns based Architecture firm, offering design, documentation, project management and masterplanning expertise in Far North Queensland.

Although NEA is a relative newcomer; 3 years old; Director Nicole Ewing brings a wealth of experience with her. Nicole has worked in Cairns, the Tablelands and remotely in the Cape for over 12 years. She brings a refreshing enthusiasm to the design practice, along with a history of award winning projects.

NEArchitecture focuses on design for tropical environments. The climatic conditions of our region create both challenges and opportunities for architecture and living. NEA strives to make the most of our fantastic climate, allowing us to embrace outdoor living. While these spaces typically work well in the milder months, great design ensures these spaces are habitable during the humid and hot season, with protection from the driving rain and sun.

Concentrating on outside living, cross ventilation, orientation, low thermal mass; NEA’s designs provide shelter while allowing buildings to ‘breathe’.

What we can do for you:

NEArchitecture offers a range of services, which we can adapt to suit your needs. Here are some

Residentially or commercially, are you unsure where to begin, or want to determine whether your idea is a viable economic option? We can help by undertaking a basic design feasibility exercise with a measured investment. You can see what design options you have available to you, without overcommitting to the project.

Are you seeking to start a project and are after a unique design to suit your needs and site? We provide sketch design services where we explore different design options. Work in the form of hand sketches and 3D computer models allow us to come up with a design that reflects your requirements.

Do you need construction documentation for building? We deliver documentation packages with differing levels of detail. If you are working with a builder and want to negotiate the finer details yourself, we can provide basic documentation to achieve Building Approval. However, if you are after a competitive tender for your project, we can provide full documentation, specification and scheduling. Alternatively, we can cater a package to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Do you want to tender the documents to a selection of builders, or do you have a particular builder in mind? We can provide advice on how to get a competitive price for the work, recommend builders, recommend a suitable contract and help you through the tendering process.

Throughout the construction, do you need a project manager to make contractual decisions on your behalf, monitor the construction and assess builder’s claims? NEA is practiced in administering building contracts, in turn, managing your risk.

The objective of all the services above, is to get the best possible outcome for your project. In each step, you
will be informed about, and involved in the decisions being made and confident in the direction the project
is heading.

What is the investment:

The extent of services we provide varies and this is reflected in our fees; therefore there is not a ‘one price fits all’ approach. If you are considering undertaking a new project, come in and see us. We can talk through your options and provide you with a fee proposal reflective of the work you wish us to undertake.

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Nicole Ewing
A+ Member – Australian Institute of Architects
BOAQ Registration No. 3989